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Pleiones will be shipped as follows:

  • autumn flowering ones in October depending on state of development.

  • spring flowering ones as soon as dormant (mid November onwards).

Cypripediums will be shipped bare rooted when dormant until February.


I ship to the United Kingdom and European Union only. Regretfully, I no longer ship to Spain due to heavy losses during transit.

Placing an Order

Order quantities
This year I am offering two FS-1 bulbs for the price of one FS bulb.
Please note, I am selling FS-1 bulbs only in multiples of 2, not singly.
Bulbils: 10 bulbils for the price of 1 FS bulb, available where indicated in the Description.

Order using Paypal buttons on this website
This is a new feature on this website where you can pay either by Paypal (using your own Paypal balance) or by credit card via Paypal. This should make it easier and quicker for you to order.
Orders are processed when received. If a variety has become unavailable, I shall substitute with an equivalent or better variety.

Order by email or post
If you order by email, please include your full name & postal address so that I know where to send the plants. 
If you pay electronically (Paypal or Bank transfer), then use the electronic Order form. It is an MS Word document, where you can copy/paste plant names from my price lists - saves handwriting all these long names.
If paying by cheque (only Sterling cheques accepted), a printable Order Form is provided for your convenience. Just click on the link and print it.
Orders received by email will be acknowledged by email.
Orders sent by post will not be acknowledged unless you enclose a self addressed postage paid envelope.

NOTE: Only pre-paid orders can be dispatched.

Orders will be processed first in, first out. Sometimes bulbs/plants are no longer available when an order arrives. Please state whether you are willing to accept a substitute if the ordered item is no longer available. 

Postage & Packing:

5.00. No charge for orders over 70.

Payment methods:

  1. Direct Paypal order, using Paypal buttons on this website for selecting your varieties. This is the simplest and fastest method of ordering.

  2. Email - Paying by Paypal in Sterling.
    Use the electronic Order form to email me your order and I'll send you an invoice detailing the amount payable in the required currency. This may include a small Paypal fee depending on the country you are ordering from.
    Then pay by Paypal to mtalbot@talktalk.net.

  3. Bank transfer into my account, Sterling only:
    Please ask me for my bank details.
    If you pay electronically, not using the Paypal buttons on this website, please send me an email to let me know.

  4. Cash (not recommended) - if you send cash, please use registered post and wrap bank notes in kitchen foil for safety.

  5. Cheque - if paying by cheque ( Sterling cheque only), it would be helpful if you could send a limited cheque, so that I can enter a lower amount if some ordered plants are not available. To do this, write "not to exceed x" between the 'payee only' cross lines and leave the total amount blank. Please make your cheque out to Heritage Orchids  and send it to:

 Heritage Orchids, 4 Hazel Close, MARLOW, SL7 3PW, United Kingdom

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