Heritage Orchids

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Pleiones will be shipped as follows:

  • autumn flowering ones in October depending on state of development.

  • spring flowering ones as soon as dormant (mid November onwards).


I ship to the United Kingdom and European Union only. Regretfully, I no longer ship to Spain due to heavy losses during transit.

Placing an Order

Order quantities
This year I am offering two FS-1 bulbs for the price of one FS bulb.
Please note, I am selling FS-1 bulbs only in multiples of 2, not singly.
Bulbils: 10 bulbils for the price of 1 FS bulb, available where indicated in the Description.

Order using Paypal buttons on this website
Orders are processed when received. If a variety has become unavailable, I shall substitute with an equivalent or better variety.

Postage & Packing:

5.00. No charge for orders over 70.

Payment methods:

Direct Paypal order, using Paypal buttons on this website for selecting your varieties.

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